Talent Assessment & Analytics by Design

What you measure matters.

When thinking about Talent, it isn’t just about the players on team—it’s also about the playbook. Without the right playbook, players will fail. And, without the right players, the playbook is inefficient. That’s why we provide a measurement-based approach that brings the player and the playbook together. There are three factors to measuring high performance, an equation, that when each factor is figured correctly aligns your company and your people, ultimately driving performance and results that matter.

(Talent + Skill) x Culture = High Performance

Determine the traits that maximize top performance.

To drive high levels of leadership effectiveness, it’s critical that you understand the capabilities that are associated with your organization’s success. AchieveForum evaluates high performers on your team, and then helps you define the traits associated with their success based on your current priorities.


By assessing the traits, motivations and attitudes behind your top talent, we create benchmarks of successful leaders within your organization. We then use this data to assess others in your organization against those profiles. This creates a true picture of what performance looks like, which establishes a developmental roadmap to replicate those traits and ensure success in developing future leaders. You can anchor this work with your company’s competency model, or you can leverage our expertise to help you develop a model.


To assist your organization in meeting the goals that support your long-term strategy, we can also help you determine the leadership capabilities that are needed to meet future challenges. These are often different from those that are required to overcome your current challenges.

Pinpoint skills and competencies that
have the greatest impact on business results.

You need exceptional talent on your team. But it’s not enough. To maximize your team’s potential and translate that potential into results, you must focus on building skills and proficiency. Starting with the business results you’re trying to achieve, we customizes our measurements to help your leaders understand the strengths and weaknesses of individuals on your team through the lens of what you need them to accomplish and achieve.


We help leaders gain insight into gaps and areas of focus using multi-rater assessments. Our 360º tool collects feedback from multiple sources and shows you the behaviors that create the desired impacts, while recommending what can be done differently in the future to increase impact. With a clear view of how to improve, leaders can build and implement plans to enhance skills that make a positive impact on both individual performance and the organization’s goals.


Our approach is distinct. Not only can we conduct surveys, but we can also work with data from other surveys and assessments you have, including those from our competitors.

Create a culture of high-performing leadership.

Using competencies and traits that align with your desired culture, we will help you identify the organizational best practices that support and reinforce a culture of success. We also provide the tools and resources that allow your leaders to be effective.


By implementing the specific practices, you can improve business results that include engagement, productivity and retention—the attributes that form the foundation of any organization’s success. We help you understand the leadership factors and characteristics that are most predictive for your success and support your change management efforts.