Leading for Resilience

Our people are struggling!

In today’s world we're truly experiencing constant change, and we’re seeing the effects. Across the last 30 years, the pace of change in the workplace has shifted from infrequent to constant. Employees routinely report:

  • change fatigue

  • unclear expectations

  • not knowing how to operate in this new environment, and

  • an inability to disconnect from work

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It’s not surprising that a recent global study of 100,000 employees found a sharp rise in emotional health issues.


Employee depression





Resilience is more than renewal and planning

Companies are well-aware of the stress employees feel, and well-intentioned companies have adopted and encouraged a number of practices to address it, such as vacation time, focusing on individual well-being, and planning fun activities at work. These traditional practices are not sufficient because they focus more on the symptoms of the problem rather than the underlying causes. We need to go further and make more fundamental changes.

Leading for resilience

Our solution builds a leader’s capability to apply these practices to build a resilient team focusing on specific behaviors for each.

The learning journey is structured using our latest research on learning solutions that drive real behavior change. Learning takes place over time (3 months), through short interventions interwoven throughout the journey, involves real work both in sessions and on-the-job, and is supported by peers to whom leaders will be accountable for sharing experiments and learning from their own mistakes.

Taking your leaders on this path towards building a resilient team will teach them to transform destructive stress into productive stress and ultimately resolve the underlying stressors – which, in the end, is what building resilience is all about.

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