Improved Leadership Development
Leads to Improved Results.

Our client success speaks for itself.

We have clients in more than 50 countries around the world in dozens of industries. Each of their challenges and opportunities are as unique as the solutions we develop with them. In the end, we help our clients achieve their business objectives faster and more effectively by sharpening their people’s skills, focus and commitment to their organizations. The results are always remarkable.


A leading transportation and logistics company, TNT Express delivers documents and materials around the world. In order to grow their business, we helped them transform from a transactional sales force to a team of business consultants. Within two years, their market share in targeted countries increased by 70%.

Bank of America

Bank of America’s Consumer Real Estate unit provides mortgage and lending services to both retail and commercial clients. This highly competitive industry was growing at a rate never before seen, and Bank of America was leading the way. This rapid growth caused growing pains within the company. They needed to onboard new people faster and more effectively than ever before. With our help, they greatly reduced the time for new sales managers to become effective, while dropping sales manager turnover by 50%.


Market pressures forced Deloitte to create and implement a systematic approach to professional development that would both build skills and create an attitudinal shift across the organization. By developing an enterprise-wide learning system for the company, we helped them achieve remarkable results in revenue growth, market share, employee retention and much more.


One of the world’s most recognized and respected brands, Haagen-Dazs needed to increase revenue at its more than 600 retail stores across the world. Research showed that the customer experience at these stores didn’t match the luxury status of the brand itself. We helped their executive team design a Branded Customer Experience® that increased revenue and customer loyalty significantly.


Telstra is one of the best known brands in Australia thanks to its massive telecommunication and information services presence across the country. The company’s business division needed to grow its revenue by winning new customers and persuading old customers to return, while simultaneously rolling out universal price increases. We developed an overarching learning-and-practice framework to support hundreds of account executives, technical salespeople and sales managers that resulted in sales growth that exceeded their target.

Sungard Availability Services

A $2 billion unit of the global Sungard brand, Sungard Availability Services provides business continuity services that enable information-dependent companies to keep their networks and systems running. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, customer demand spiked. With that spike, the competition also increased with well-known players like IBM and HP entering the market. We helped the company redesign its processes and methods to meet the increased demand, while staving off their new rivals. This improved the average selling price and average deal size while significantly improving profit. Contract renewals and new win rates saw increases, too.

Fisher Healthcare

A leading global manufacturer of healthcare products, Fisher Healthcare was slowly losing market share and profitability. They were faced with the ultimate decision: evolve or die. Executive management developed a comprehensive strategy to evolve, but they faced a sales force that didn’t share their sense of urgency when it came to shifting strategy and tactics. We helped them develop an 18-month comprehensive sales skills training program that led to an 80 percent increase in operating income over the first three years of implementation.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy grew to become one of the United Kingdom’s largest energy companies through a series of mergers and acquisitions. While the size of the company increased, the growth caused challenges in unifying company culture and processes. We helped create and deliver a development program that targeted the company’s top 1,500 leaders to help bring them together under a single vision and brand. Employee satisfaction and performance increased dramatically, and company executives conservatively estimate that the program delivered an ROI of 230%.