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For decades, we have conducted sound research on how leaders solve business challenges. These publications contain proven, fresh and innovative ideas to improve how an organization executes its business strategy – from effective management to customer experience to implementing competitive advantages. The following titles are invaluable guides to navigating the constant change that shapes our global economy.

Managing at the Leading Edge: Navigating and Piloting Business Strategy at Critical Moments

Learn how to “navigate and pilot” your organization to success with this groundbreaking strategy guide that compares running a business to high performance seamanship and nautical exploration.

Managing at the Leading Edge provides the tools and methods you need to launching your strategy quickly and nimbly – the only way to seize and hold the competitive edge in business today. The book is anchored in research conducted by the author’s company AchieveForum which surveyed 1,200 first, middle and senior level leaders, resulting in data that significantly shaped the implementation of the principles of navigating and piloting in organizations today and explored in detail in this book.

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Strategic Speed: Mobilize People, Accelerate Execution

The foundation of business success is in creating value faster and smarter than the competition. Yet, the majority of strategic initiatives fail — even with streamlined processes, detailed plans and abundant resources. How does that happen? More importantly, how do you keep that from happening to your organization?

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Principles of Learning: A Guidebook for Advancing Performance in Today’s Workplace

A new approach to learning and development with specific step-by-step details that show you how to improve the effectiveness of learning in today’s modern organization. Principles of Learning is based on deep research of how learning takes place in the 21st century workplace and includes new research data and case studies. It also showcases the best practices used by AchieveForum to help clients cohesively integrate learning into the workplace that drives business performance and results.

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