The leaders behind our leadership development

Dedicated to your success

People are the most valuable assets of every company. It’s true for your organization and ours. Our dedicated team of professionals has a diverse range of educational and professional backgrounds, as well as a depth and breadth of industry experience. Their wide-ranging expertise provides decisive, insightful, innovative and business-minded solutions for your most pressing challenges. In short, our people are dedicated to providing your people with the tools and skills that will drive an increase in your organization’s performance and growth.

Executive Consultant

Kim Arellano


Courtney Beck

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Bohannon


David Brazel

Resource Network Advisory Board

Ken De Loreto

Executive Consultant

Ellen Foley

Customer Experience

Simon Fowler


Carrie Frasure

Resource Network Advisory Board

Michael Harris

Chief of Staff

Sarah McLaughlin

Global Finance

John Schizas


Lori Flickinger

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